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Editorial Staff

Cezar - 31 y.o.

He's the brain behind the whole thing! He does karate and body building, plays professional football, volunteers to helping handicapped people, he has a master degree in physics and mathematics, speaks tens of foreign languages, he's a well-known tiger-trainer, and also a very talented cook. He climbs mountains, scuba dives, fights sharks, hunts crocodiles, and even flew to the moon once. :P

He's not to be bothered, if it's not about making an order, sending him promos or free cash.



Cristina - 26 y.o.

No mainstream mag could afford to pay for her exceptional writing and investigative skills, so she ended up doing interviews and reviews for the infamous No Bollox Just Oi!. She ocasionally acts as the Grammar Police towards her colleagues, just to piss them off and show she doesn't have a journalism degree for nothing. She's nuts about Pilsner Urquell, dogs, the early British Oi, tortilla chips and tattoos, while backstabbing friends, buttkissers and "skingirls" that don't have the guts to cut their hair turn her off.

She also is is charge of the magazine's myspace profile, so contact her there.







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