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Other contributors

Lăbuş - 23 y.o.

Besides being a highly respected reporter and story teller, Lăbuş is a great drinker and belly dancer on dirty pub tables. He dislikes expensive beer, warm beer, last order in a pub. He likes acting stupid (read: natural), making fun of everything and everyone, he likes football and hates all trendy West Ham fans and so called American hooligans. He hates cops and media, and all the people who don't worship Bucharest. (his words exactly)

He loves getting fan mail.


Vlad - 28 y.o.

He sometimes bribes USB with tons of beers so that we accept the gig reviews he submits. He plays bass in the local band Scandal.

Mircea - 24 y.o.

He's one of the many USB worshippers out there. But this one's special, he even has his own usbist church, where he sells the holy No Bollox Just Oi! magazine, also he always preaches about USB in his MPTY zine, he even interviewed Cezar himself and so on. As a gesture of appreciation, we gave him a Vespa for free, he's now the most known mod in his town.











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