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No Bollox Just Oi! magazine


NBJOi! is a non-political skinhead magazine. Our main ambition is to afford going out every Friday night and have a laugh with our mates down the pub. No more, no less!
If you're looking to convert people to whatever political doctrine, this is not the place. Don't mistake our patriotic feelings with extreme nationalism, xenophobia, racism or nazism! This goes both for the right and the left wing! We don't give a fuck about any of you, you fucking fucks!
If anyone does have a difficult time to understand all of the above, we recommend you to make an appointment with our Skinhead Counselor at and wait for your free of charge treatment in the next issue of the magazine.



The idea to start the magazine hit Cezar in early 2006, after getting way too dissapointed by the fanzine wannabe toilette papers circulating around Romania ( for ex. stolen and cliche interviews, political manifestos, low quality photocopy jobs etc) but it took him a while to move away from the pub and use his free time in other purpose than just getting drunk. So at the beginning there was just a website with very few information. Mr. Lăbuş' super help came later that year, and also other friends made a contribution by writing a small piece or submitting drawings or photos, so in the spring of 2007 they released their debut issue. Of course, it was a blasting success, it got distributed all over the world and put Romania on the skinhead world map! From that moment, everything is just history! Shortly, Cristina joined the staff as full time editor in the summer of 2007, and the three released the second issue quickly in November 2007.

Then each one's personal life kicked in and the work for a new material was many times postponed and delayed til summer of 2009 when we resumed our work and so the 3rd issue was finally released in May 2010.

Hopefully there will be a 4th issue in 2011. Stay tuned!

No Bollox Just Oi! is valued for its original way of conducting the interviews, the staff's sick sense of humour, the diversity of topics (from music to football, tattoos, pitbulls, personal views etc.) and the English language the editors speak very well! Also, each issue is printed on glossy paper (colour covers) and comes with a free sampler CD featuring all the bands interviewed!

United Skins Bucharest

USB is the short label the editorial staff became known three years ago. We chosed it because it represents perfectly what we stand for: unity for the skins in Bucharest! Although we were that close to name our drinking krew the SHAORMA boys, which is Romanian for "skinheads against racial onanists and anarhcho dick suckers" :)) Well, It's grown to become just about a movement, as we often joke about it, called usbism :D, as people from different areas of the country wrote to ask for permission to open a United Skins chapter hahaha.

We didn't share our label with anyone, and kept it to Bucharest only, cause our capital city is the best anyway, and so are our local football clubs! USB is now a small crew counting skins who don't necessarily write for NBJOi!, but know how to have a good time down the pub, organise events together etc.

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