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Issue 1


This publication is made by skinheads for skinheads and it's prohibited to upper class brats, hippy pacifist drug addicted beggar punk wannabes, political activists and cops, or other fuckers working for any governmental organization that oppresses the working youth. It's recommended that cold beer should be served at each turn of the page ;)



Interviews: Haggis (Norway), Unit Lost (Sweden), DestrOi! (the Netherlands), Squid 58 (UK), Splinter (UK), Scandal (Romania), Mise En Scene (Belgium), Foreign Legion (UK), Pilsner Oiquell (Czech Republic), Union Boys (USA), USCB All Stars (Sweden). Other articles: Football Madness, American PitBull Terrier, Say No To Politics, Skinhead Survey; gig and cd reviews etc.




Backstreet Battlalion
Czech Republic

So first issue of this Romanian Oi! zine. At first you will see full coloured cover on coated paper - great. Then you open it and you will see CD with 22 songs from bands which are interviewed inside. Brilliant. Then come the interviews, all in English so you can find Haggis bastards from Norway, scotish streetpunk Splinter, Dutch punx DestrOi!, Belgian Mise en Scene, British ska Squid 58, Union Boys from USA, British Foreign Legion, Swedish ska USCB Allstars, then Pilsner Oiquell, Romanian band Scandal and Unit Lost. Then you have there some articles about football Ultras in Bucharest, report from Exploited gig, views of skins from all over the world + some CD reviews. Ones more.. all this stuff is in English! Only two articles are in Romanian, first about American Pitbull Terrier and second about political situation in Romania. Really great zine, 48 pages full of informations + CD with music. I hope that this zine will be able to get in our country, or for someone who is interested write on or have a look on For me it is for full.
Peddy 10


Oi! The Print

Sehr geiles Heftchen aus Rumänien, dürfte dort auch schon recht etabliert und gross sein - trotz der ersten Ausgabe! Mit eigener Cd dabei, farbiges Cover und ein sehr exotisches Format. Auch für Leser geeignet, die nicht der Landessprache mächtig sind, sofern man der englischen Sprache mächtig ist. Es dreht sich alles rund um das Thema "Skinhead", also schief geht da wenig. Noch dazu mit hübschen Fotos drinnen, ein schöner Artikel über Hunde (kennen wir doch woher, oder?!) und sehr abwechslungsreich. An Bands von Oi! bis Ska wirklich querbeet! Werde nun öfters tauschen mit dem Macher!!!


Aussie Skins

No Bollox Just Oi! is a great little glossy skinzine from Romania. The subtitle..."havin a laugh and havin a say" is an apt description. The majority of the zine is in English, so you get to do more than just look at the pictures. No big political statements (tho does state neither red nor racist on cover) ,maybe except for some personal opinions in the"Skinhead Survey" section and a small piece on Romania ,(although this is only an assumption on my behalf from looking at the pictures) as it is written in their native tongue. Although I think this section is perhaps not politically but historically based.

Theres quite a few band reviews: Haggis( complete with photos of topless skanks),Splinter from Glasgow( Sydney siders might recognise their singer Ben,who was involved in a coupla Harbour City punk bands a few years back.) Other bands interviewed include Destroi,Mise En Scene,Squid 58, Union boys,Foriegn Legion,USCB All Stars Unit lost and more.I really enjoyed the international feel of it all.

You'll find the mandatory stuff on soccer( yeah yeah .....I said 'soccer" cos I'm farkin Australian), amusing gig reviews,photos of drawn on, passed out drunks and the usual frivolities, bit of art and a fair bit of silliness.Theres alot to be said for not taking shit too seriously, I reckon.I also enjoyed the Skinhead survey section.I was a little dissapointed tho that the American Pitbull terrier rant was not in English.

All in all I'd say this is a bloody good read. It has a nice, fun "I'm here for the beers" kinda sentiment which I feel can sometimes be lacking in the world of Skinhead.



La Ley de la Calle

¡Tremendo! ¡glorioso! asi es como me ha dejado este fanzine rumano escrito en inglés, es un 100% S.H.A.R.P. del estilo del maravilloso Una Vie Por Rien, las entrevistas que hacen son cara a cara y eso se nota a la hora de leerlas, entrevistan a grupos de la talla de: Haggis, Unit Lost, Destroi!, Squid 58, Splinter, Skandal, Mise En Scene, Foreign Legion, Pilsner Oiquell, Union Boys y Uscb All Stars.

Un reportaje sobre el mundo ultra en Rumanía, una pequeña reseña de discos, una crónica de un concierto de The Exploited y más cosas, todo esto con una maquetación excelente y un disco con 22 temazos elegidos a la perfeción de los grupos entrevistados, mata por el zine, prostitúyete, vende armas, ¡lo que sea! pero no te quedes sin tu copia.


United Kids Records

Debütnummer dieses absolut professionell aufgemachten Skinzines aus Rumänien. Keine Politik, in englisch herausgegeben und mit einer professionellen CD Beilage. Hätte das nicht gerade aus Rumänien erwartet, aber scheinbar macht sich der erste EU Einfluss breit. Topheft mit Haggis, Splinter, Unit Lost, Destroi!, Skandal, Mise en Scene, Foreign Legion, Union Boys usw...Berichte Kolumnen. So ein Heft fehlt echt hier in Deutschland!


Oi! Warning

Bloody hell for a first issue this is the mutts nuts! Full colour front and back covers, and glossy pages throughout!! Some of its written in Romanian, but for the most part it's in English which makes things easier for me!! The first issue features the likes of Splinter, Haggis, Union Boys, Foreign Legion, Squid 58, Destroi!, Unit Lost USCB All Stars and more besides... plus articles on the likes on football madness - an introduction to Romanian Ultraseria, American pitbull terriers... and more.. all in all not bad at all! Also comes with a CD so that's a fuckin bonus and a half!


Negative Reaction

Glossy Oi mag from Romania, mainly in english feat Haggis, Unit Lost, Foreign Legion, Splinter and a load more. The intention is to be non political, although as life is political, you still get it cropping up. Even the zine itself does a piece slagging Russian communism but whereas that's usually a code for "we are Nazis", this is actually a well researched piece on twisted dictatorial govts operating in exactly the same style as Hitler's Germany. As a Mr Deek Allan ince put it "Commies & Nazis - on yer bike!". There's also a piece on football hooligans, and the interviews are still quite enjoyable despite the rule of avoiding politics, with a wide variation of answers on display from the dodgy (but admittedly funny) Haggis; they remind us of Morecambe a fe years ago when they gave out flyers saying their set would have a stripper, then when everyone turned up to see em, it was actually a big fat boke!!) to sussed Scottish street punks Splinter. There's some good skinhead tales and a hilarious outing to an Exploited gig where the train didn't hace a bog so the editor scrawled "WC" on the conductor's office, with amusing results! Thanks to Marcus from Foreign Legion for sending it in, and it comes with a free SKINHEAD CD; 22 tracks feat a wide variation from the tuneful punk of the Legion to hard edged street punk (M.E.S.) to decent Oi (Unit Lost) to quite a few forgettable tuff guy Oi-core bands even a Billy Bragg cover by.. Haggis (the lyrics changed, obviously). The best band on it though were Squid 58 doing poppy ska Oi siilar to The Burial and on reading the zine I find the singer's the bloke out of The Hotknives.


I Believe in Myself

Voici un zine qui nous vient tout droit de Roumanie! Et pur un premier numéro, le rédacteur commence très très fort! Au sommaire de ce numéro, les interviews de Haggis, Unit Lost, DestrOi!, Squid 58, Splinter, Foreign Legion, Union Boys our n'en citer que quelques unes. Ajoutez à cela un article sour le foot en Roumanie, un autre sur les Pitbulls et une idée originale qui apparaîtra dans chacun des numéros du zine: un sondage. La majeure partie du zine est écrite en anglais. Seuls quelques articles sont en roumain. Et en plus de ce riche contenu, la présentation du zine est tout simplement superbe. Tout est sur papier glacé avec couv couleur. Il y a aussi un cd 22 titres offert avec des morceaux des groupes qui sont interviewées dans le zine.


Our Music

Bueno pues me llega de Rumania de manos del amigo Cezar, la primera publicacíon de esta revista, me ha sorprendido gratamente la buena presentacíon en formato revista con portadas a color imprenta y muy buena maquetacíon. Menos un par de articulos las entrevistas y reviews están en inglés Haggis, Unit Lost, Splinter, DestrOi!, Foreign Legion, Pilsner Oiquell y mucho más. También incluye un cd con 22 temas de los grupos que entrevista. Reproduzco a continuacíon una nota que viene en la portada " Esta publicacíon esta hecha por skinheads para skinheads y est prohibida para niñatos de clase alta, hippies pacifistas, drogadictos, pies negros, activistas políticos, policías y otros jodidos trabajadores para alguna organizacíon gubernamental que oprima a la juventud trabajadora. Recomendado con cerveza fría para cada vuelta de página.



(...)Revista este însoţită de un CD ale unor diverşi artişti skinhead.Printre piese Cezărică şi Lăbuş (patronii publicaţiei) mai au nişte intervenţii în care povestesc ei cum îşi introduc un organ (anatomic) în alte organe (sociale). Fără a recenza compilaţia, îmi permit să trasey ca definitorie pentru publicaţie piesa trupei Scandal: Trei lulele, tri surcele/ pizda mă-sii, hai să bem / trei lulele, trei surcele / pînă nu mai putem.


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