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Issue 2


Nowadays anyone can get a haircut, put some boots on and typically dress up like a skinhead, as there are clothing shops almost at each corner. Also, your so called record collection is just a click away on the internet. But if inside you ain’t got what it really takes, you’ll be spotted out and get your head kicked in. This magazine is meant for the people who do speak with the voice of Oi!



Interviews: Deadline (UK), The Guv'nors (Denmark), Beerzone (UK), Evil Conduct (the Netherlands), Battle Scarred (Sweden), The Blood (UK), Volxsturm (Germany), Scum (UK), Forbidden Kings (Germany), Cenzura (Slovakia), Marching Orders (Australia), Kalevalan Viikingit (Finland). Other articles: Skinhead Counseling, A trip to Holland, Foot Tennis ; gig and cd reviews etc.





Well issue two of 'No Bollox Just Oi!' is out already and first up I'd like to say they've done an awesome job by getting it out so quick.For those who enjoyed the first issue I can say that you won't be dissapointed with the second.Sixty-two jam packed glossy pages of Skinhead info, the majority of which is in English-ya gotta love that!

Quite a few bands get an interview-our very own Marching Orders,Deadline,Beerzone,The Guvnors,Forbidden Kings,Battlescarred,Cenzura,Evil Conduct,The Blood,Scum,Kalevalan Vikingit and Volxsturm.Once again,I enjoyed the international feel and its great to hear about whats going on in other countries(even if I'm geographically ignorant and don't know where they are).Its a wonderful example of how Skinhead has touched almost every nation.
One thing that stands out for me is the humourous and personable interviewing technique used.Cezar,Cristina and Labush do a great job of taking the questions one step further so that the reader gets more of a feel for the people,scenes and motivations.Rather than just a boring overview of the band.

Inside the pages you'll also find heaps of photos,gig,CD and zine reviews,all dealt with in an honest,'no bollox' way.Theres also a new section"Oi! The Counselling" which is good for a chuckle.If theres anything bothering you,be sure to send ya woes to the No Bollox counsellors for a warm,gentle,feelgood response!Haha.

Once again,it comes with a sampler CD of all the bands interviewed,so you can listen along as you read the zine.Which,in my eyes is doing a great service to said bands.

Probably my favourite thing about "No Bollox Just Oi!" is the insight we get into these guys scene.They're obviously a friendly, motivated bunch,making efforts to keep their scene alive by regular get togethers,trips away and organised sporting events like the Foot Tennis Championship.

Big two thumbs up guys!!!

- Traci

Backstreet Battalion

Second issue of this Bucharest zine. On first sight looks as same as the first issue, but ALMOST all articles are in english. Cezar do it very well, interviews with bands, that you can see live, because they are still playing. So here we go: danisch oisters The Guvernors, scotisch drunks Beerzone, german streetrock Forbidden Kings and older lads Volxsturm, swedish streetpunk Battle Scarred, english legend Deadline, slovak Cenzůra, dutch cult band Evil Conduct, british fathers The Blood and skins from Scum, Finland vikings Kalevan Vikingit and australian Marching Orders. Except this there are some other articles like CD reviews and zine reviews, articles about some foot tennis tournament, demonstration of Romanian Ultras and gig reports. I really enjoy the consultating section, where Cezar is helping people with problems, like in some magazine for teenagers :-). Zine is including the CD with bands, which are in zine. Some more info on or Great Work.
Peddy 10

Oi! The Print

Wirklich bewunderswert, wie die Rumänen so schnell eine neue Ausgabe zaubern und die Qualität dabei nicht auf der Strecke bleibt. Den Preis finde ich allerdings doch etwas heftig, dafür gibt es wenige Inserate. Geschrieben wird jetzt fast gänzlich auf Englisch, was ich sehr freundlich finde. Thematisch geht es ausschliesslich um Oi!-Musik und somit kann man da nichts falsch machen. Beerzone hat mir gut gefallen, Deadline interessiert mich nicht, The Blood zeugt von gutem Geschmack. Durchaus gute Bandauswahl. Wenig Fußball, ein Artikel über Tattoos….wenn sie so weitermachen, wird es eines meiner favorisierten Fanzines!


Negative Reaction

Chunky glossy zine from Romania, but nearly all in English. Full of bands you WANT to read about, and although it's not political it manages to drag out of the bands roughly where they stand. Volxsturm, Evil Conduct, Guvnors, deadline and The Blood (despite the foreign language he talks) all come out of it pretty well, Scum & Kalevalan Viikingit are pretty much on the fence (since then of course there's been the internet pic of Ross at a B&H gig and I think they reformed with a new singer), Battle Scarred sound a bit iffy, and Beerzone, well Iain's always struck me as a decent bloke who had no time for knackers - but his comments here will only attract that crowd). Some good articles on football and the draconian laws Romanian politicians have forced through, and a good bit on keeping staffies, showing disgust at dog fighting vermin. This also has a CD of all the bands featured including some unreleased tracks. A fine package.


Oi! Warning

Second issue of this glossy, very professional looking zine. Cezar and the crew hve done a bang up job on this folks. Issue 2 has 64 pages and the vast majority of it is in English which is a bonus as looking at the bits written in Romanian I wouldn't have a hope of understanding it! In this issue you'll find The Guv'nors, Beerzone, forbidden Kings, Battle Scarred, Deadline, Cenzura,Evil Conduct, The Blood, Marching Orders and loads more.. this is definatley worth kopping hold of, people believe me, and as if the zine itself ain't enough for you, it comes with a 13 track cd, great stuff!

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