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Issue 3


Everyone else wants to think for us, everyone else says they know what's best for us, they make up rules on what skinheads have to be like, they think they can tell us what to wear, how many eyes our boots must have, what does the colour of our laces mean, how to act like, how short our hair should be, how long our sideburns, or what political sides to embrace, so on and so forth. They quarell on internet forums and every little fuck with a computer thinks he's one of us, they even think they're better. But they can't be more wrong than that. SKINHEADS ARE US! So Fuck em! This is no bollox, just true fucking Oi!




interviews with:

Section 5, The Traditionals, The Corps, Disdainful, Volund Smed, Skinfull, Die Zusam-Rottung, Los Mongos, Jenny Woo, Barse, Joe Pogo, Eastside Boys, The Misogynes, On the Job, Dockside Hookers, OfisBoyz, Saht, Dance Trauma and Njord, plus a couple of special interviews with bull-type terrier dog breeders and owners. Also there are gig reports, reviews etc. and the infamous counseling section for skins and punx, who are miraculously saved by the editors' unauthorized shrink brigade!

free DVD featuring 16 tracks from the bands which are interviewed in this issue, and also a multimedia part which features live video interviews with Cock Sparrer, Towerblocks, DJ Jim Skin and Boi!s with Boots! (over 100 minutes of film!), plus electronic versions of the zine's previous issues, more reviews etc.




Negative Reaction
Anglia (

What a fucking package this is – big glossy zine (its even got a spine!) and a data CD for your computer (the music also works on a DVD player) – an alladins cave of Oi that includes a 14 track compilation of some of the bands featured, extra pages of reviews, interviews etc. I haven’t got the right software to play the videos (Sparrer &
Tower Blocks) but there’s still more than enough here. Loads of bands interviewed in the zine, the most well known being Section 5 (Tosh comes across well), The Corps, On The Job, Eastside Boys, Dockside Hookers, Skinfull, Traditionals, Joe Pogo rec, there’s even an indepth interview with yours truly concerning the zine and Barse. From Oi singer songwriter Jenny Woo to Haggis spin off Los Mongos there is literally all styles covered. Although non political, it still puts the bands on the spot so you can read between the lines and get a rough idea of where the bands stand. Questions are very varied and can cover anything from football hooliganism to dogfighting (the editors are very anti, as they should be) to real life and politics, with plenty of humour within. If it was the same type size as NR it would be 300 pages –
that is how much reading is crammed into the 80-odd pages. A mammoth project that has taken nearly 2 years to complete, and it shows.

Riot Kids
Spania (/

Nueva entrega de este pedazo de zine rumano que sigue en la línea de sus números anteriores, usease incredibol! Trae entrevistas a Los Mongos, Disdainful, Traditionals, Ofisboyz, Section 5, Flobers Kennel, Njord, Skinfull, Underdog, Negative Reaction, Jenny Woo, Saht, Joe Pogo Records, Dockside Hookers, The Corps, On The Job, Die Zusamm Rottung, Dance Trauma, Volund Smed, The Misogynes y Eastside Boys. Más noticias, conciertos, discos y zines. Como veis muy extensor y además incluyen, como en número anteriores, un dvd con temas de los grupos aparecidos en el zine. Recomendado!

Our Music
Spania (

De Nuevo superando lo insuperable en cuanto a maquetación se refiere, nuestro amigos rumanos vuelven a la carga con un nuevo número. Como siempre originales y divertidas entrevistas esta vez a Los Mongos, Disdainful, Traditionals, Ofisboyz, Section 5, Njord, Skinfull, Jenny Woo, The Corps, On The Job, Volund Smed, Dance Trauma, editor del Negative Reaction. También encontramos entervistas y material en torno a un mundo que les apasiona y no es otro que el de los perros y en especial del American Staffordshire. La divertida consulta del doctor Oi! y reviews. Otro aspect a mencionar de los redactors del zine es que se han embarcado en nuevos proyectos. Por un lado en la organización de conciertos, el primero de ellos con lo Towerblocks y Automatica Aggregazione. Y por otro lado también en el proyecto de preparar un video sobre la escena de los países balcánicos y en los países excomunistas. Sobre todo esto también encontraras informacion en el zine. El zine viene también acompañado de un dvd.

Oi! The Print
Austria (

Die Rumänen haben sich bei ihrer neuen Ausgabe noch einmal extrem gesteigert. Ich habe die Ausgabe von vorne bis hinten verschlungen und bin wirklich angetan vom Inhalt dieser Ausgabe. Alles, was das Skinhead/Punker-Herz begehrt. Für mich persönlich wird von den Themen der Geschmacksnerv 1:1 getroffen. Das Englisch ist gut verständlich, die beiden Macher geben sich viel Mühe, das merken auch Leute, die selbst vielleicht keine Fanzine-Erfahrung haben. Echt ein dicker Brocken an Papier, mit Bands wie Section 5, On The Job, The Corps, Joe Pogo Records, Dockside Hookers und tausend anderen Bands. Schön auch, die Berliner Zusamm-Rottung zu Wort kommen zu lassen. Besonders hervorzuheben sind auch die Beiträge über Hunde, sehr sympathisch!! Die Qualität des Zines entspricht den Zeichen der Zeit – man erkennt also alle Fotos und liefert einen beachtlichen Idealismus. Mich würde interessieren, wieviel das Heft kostet und wie sie das Teil finanzieren. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass diese Motivation noch lange anhält und Cezar und Cristina nicht müde werden. Einfach ist es nicht, so einen Standard auf Dauer zu halten! Respekt, wirklich!!!

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